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5 Steps to Cyber Resilience: Protect & Restore, Sept 15

Presented By ALAN BULL
15 Sep 2021 3:00 PM
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Data breaches & supply chain attacks are surging. Learn why it matters.

Data breaches and supply-chain attacks are on the rise, impacting productivity, shutting down businesses and preventing delivery of services. Additionally, human error or an IT misconfiguration in products or processes can also lead to data loss and data breaches causing significant downtime.

Join part 3, our last webinar of the series on September 15th to learn how to minimise the impact of cyberattacks and experience continuous data availability through a 5-step cyber resilience framework. The experts at Carbonite + Webroot, an OpenText company, walk you through steps 4 + 5 of the cyber resilience strategy to address:

• How to leverage people, process and technology for data protection and data restoration

• Gain continual access to data during system outages or planned/unplanned downtime

• The strategies and tools to protect against cyberattacks, human error and system failures

Upcoming Events